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Making shooting more about YOU

Many courses focus so much on the firearm itself that the fundamentals of a good stance are often glanced over. However, it is the stance that has the greatest effect on consistency and fatigue. Finding a natural and neutral position will very slightly from shooter to shooter. A shooter must understand the effect body mechanics has. In competition shooting, breaks are taken between sets and therefore the shooting stances are designed to maximize stability for a relatively short period of time. In contrast, tactical pistol style competitions require the shooter to be quick, agile and adaptive for a relatively short amount of time. Yet in our day to day lives we have no idea when we will be in a life or death situation. Further more, we will not know how long the situation will last. This is where your stance must become a combination of strategic thought and tactical execution.

The Strategic Thought…

Anyone who attends training will no doubt hear the phase “know your target and what is behind it.” This is only partially true. The downside of this phase is that you are teaching a static tunnel vision competition style mindset. In your every day life, if you have to draw your firearm that philosophy will get you killed. You need to KNOW your target and everything around it and you. Be sure you understand the situation, protect yourself at all times, and deliver a meaningful defense.

The Tactical Execution…

Always plan for the worst when it comes to any life or death situation. For example, people who stand up at the range and shoot without any thought of cover are subconsciously training themselves to stand in the open when firing a gun. When shooting from a static position you should always use cover or at least simulate cover with a table or a nearby support pole. If that is not an option, then at least knowledge the fact that you are thinking about your immediate surroundings.

Learn to shoot while moving. It is much harder for someone to hit a moving target and easier for a moving target to hit a static target if incorporated into the training.

It’s about YOU…

Yes, these are advanced techniques per say. But only because you have to break the old habits in order to develop higher standard that will keep you alive. If you train to this standard, all else will come naturally and confidently.